Guttman Transfer Scholarship Fund

cci-3.1More than half of the graduating classes at CUNY’s senior colleges are transfer students, with most coming from CUNY’s community colleges. These transfer students are among the poorest of CUNY’s students and are the most racially and ethnically diverse. For these community college transfer students, scholarship aid is especially needed during the junior and senior years.

As part of the Guttman College Success Initiative, a $9 million endowment was created to establish the Guttman Transfer Scholarship Fund to increase the number of academically qualified, low-income CUNY community college students who continue their education at CUNY senior colleges. Recipients, drawn from all seven CUNY community colleges, will receive grants of $4,000 over two years to complete their bachelor’s degrees. Senior colleges that currently participate in the program are: Brooklyn College, City College, Hunter College, Lehman College and Queens College.

Within five years, the $9 million endowment is expected to provide more than 250 scholarships annually. The first scholarships were awarded in Fall 2014, and since then, a total of 820 students have been the recipients of the scholarship.

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